The Wonder Years Tour

This past weekend (Sunday, October 24th) "The Wonder Years" Tour rolled though Minneapolis to play at First Ave. The set list featured "You Blew It!", "State Champs", Minnesota's very own "Motion City Soundtrack" & of course "The Wonder Years"
The Show Last Night (a website hosted in MN that features current shows in the area) hooked me up with a press pass so I could shoot these radical bands.

Coincidentally enough three out of these four bands have had new albums release quite recently. 
"The Wonder Years" - " No Closer To Heaven
"State Champs" - "Around The World And Back"
"Motion City Soundtrack" - "Panic Stations"
I highly suggest you take a listen to these three new albums along side You Blew It's latest album they released last year titled "Keep Doing What You're Doing" 
They are all quite killer!

You Blew It!